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Frank Trzaska:" They were made by Ontario Knife Co. for a company named Schreck’s Wholesale Inc. in the 1970's." 

"Regarding the SWI machete's, I knew them to be fakes because in the mid 1980's I had been allowed to go into the basement of the dealer Shreck's Wholesale Industries ( SWI ) who had had them made. There were cartons and cartons of machetes stored there, all the cartons were new and dated, I asked him about them and he told me they were just for surplus sales, collecting still had not reached this guy at that time. So it is not as if he had them made to fool a collectors market at high prices, his take on them was that the buyers would trust what appeared to be genuine American made surplus, rather than cheap imports ' Made in China / Japan or Asia ', and he sold them at surplus prices. It was a scoop for me as I made mention of it on page 189, ' Doughboy to G.I.' where as unfortunately Coles and Jim Moran had referred to them as original, they had accepted the dates which were on them. "

В двух словах: делался для Schreck’s Wholesale Inc., ну помните, такой зеленый в мультяшке, не ВМВ, ессно, делался для военторга, не для коллекционеров, их тогда не было. Не штатный.






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SWI USMC marked machete. These were made by Ontario Knife Co for the Schreck Wholesale Inc company and marked with the USMC and dated 1944 as a fantasy piece to sell for $1.00 higher in price. They are Not official USMC gear but fool folks all the time. Like new piece. $45.00  Now $35.00

Насколько я правильно перевел:):

"Мачете, маркированное клеймом SWI USMC. Были изготовлены Ontario Knife Co для Schreck Wholesale Inc company и промаркированы клеймом USMC и датой 1944, чтоб получить фантазийный образец и продать его на доллар дороже. Данные ножи не являются официальным снаряжением морской пехоты СШ, но постоянно вводят людей в заблуждение."

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Сейчас сей ножик торгуют с ножнами М8 (хотя они со скобой, т.е. М8А1):




Кто знает, как у него навершие крепится? Хвостовика не видно, нет и следа от боковой шпильки...

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