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Новинки 2014


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А не пора ли создать новую тему?

Если модераторы посчитают мои действия неправильными - просьба перенести пост в тему "Новинки 2013"  :rolleyes:


Итак, россыпь новых ножей от BUCK.



Buck Knives To Debut New Products At SHOT Show

In addition to broadening their line of knives for 2014, the classic 110 Folding Hunter has been transformed this year in celebration of its 50th anniversary. The famous features of the 110 remain, such as the Macassar Ebony Dymondwood handle and brass bolsters. This commemorative version, which will be included on all Model 110's for 2014, features an anniversary medallion on the handle and custom blade stamp denoting 50 years. The 50th Anniversary Edition 110 is available in plain or finger grooved and each comes with a genuine leather sheath. Other knives in the line-up include additions and redesigns to the Hunting, Camping and Hiking, Fishing, Survival/Tactical, and Everyday categories.

726 Mini SpitFire- USA Made
Introduced in 2013, the full size SpitFire prompted the development of a new, smaller version to meet consumer demands. The 726 SpitFire is a great two-position clip knife for everyday carry. Offered in three popular colors and constructed of 420HC steel, the SpitFire's are slim, sleek, lightweight and durable. With a total weight of only 2.1 ounces, the anodized aluminum handles make these durable and lightweight for easy carry. MSRP: $48

183 Alpha Crosslock (Redesign) -USA Made
The award winning, patented technology found in the Alpha Crosslock was redesigned in order to offer even more control in wet, slippery conditions. The spear point blade and saw blade with integrated gut hook, create an effective multi-function hunting knife. In addition to the upgraded grip features on the handle, this version includes a sturdier lock mechanism for added durability. Constructed with 420HC steel and an aluminum handle available in orange or shadow green. MSRP: $90

830 Marksman-USA Made
Built to serve the needs of those in survival/tactical situations, this heavy duty knife definitely delivers one of the strongest locking blades out there. Designed with a new locking mechanism developed by Grant and Gavin Hawk, the Strong Lock System (SLS) is easily deployed with one hand and ensures safety and durability with the blade being solidly locked open. The SLS, once deployed, offers the strength of a fixed blade. The Marksman is one intense, high-level knife for the most demanding of situations. MSRP: $150

030 Splizzors - USA Made
Making their 1st appearance at ICAST, the Splizzors innovative design caught the attention of many anglers. The Splizzors combine the use of scissors and pliers to create a versatile tool even for the most rugged of fishing tasks. Utilizing a concept of BASS Elite angler Bill Lowen and field-use feedback of Brandon Palaniuk, and Mark Davis of Big Water Adventures TV show, the Buck product development team designed a tool that has been developed into the ultimate fishing product. The Splizzors use edge to edge pressure 10X that of normal scissors. The replaceable blades contain micro serrations to cut braided and high performance fishing line with ease. The stainless steel blades and frame are constructed of 420HC steel, with an overall length of 8 ½" and a total weight of 8.3 ounces. MSRP: $100

021 Clearwater Bait Knife- USA Made
This year Buck has extended the popular Clearwater Series with the addition of a bait knife. The 5" double-sided blade is just the right size and features backside serrations for heavy duty cutting. Durable enough to cut through bone, fins, cartilage and scales, the bait knife's backside edge takes the dirty work out of processing, saving the fine-edged blade for the efficient slicing and clean cuts. The blade is constructed of 420HC stainless steel, offering great edge retention and corrosion resistance. The bait knife measures 10 ½" overall and weighs only 3.7 ounces. MSRP: $55

Additions to Everyday Line
Knives for everyday use continue to play a role in Buck's product lineup. The new 316 Talus is reliable and durable with its partially serrated 420HC steel blade and G10 handle. With a MSRP of only $35, the lightweight Talus is a fit for everyone. With the demand for G10, Buck added this handle option to the 379 Solo and 382 Trapper, making these value pocket knives available in more options and colors. The 290 Rush, made in the USA, was redesigned to include bead blasted color anodized handles in three different colors including purple, gun metal gray, and midnight blue.

UPD: Кое-какие новинки уже засветились (хотя больше всего хочется увидить фолдер с новым типом замка):

Некоторые фото (остальные - по ссылкам выше):






Еще добавка с фото с каталога:









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Привет, Сергей.

Думаю - пора. И ваш пост вполне подходит для этого.

Только фото что-то не грузятся. Надо бы прямо сюда их загрузить раз тот сервер шалит.


Мне очень интересно что такое Buck 830 Marksman.

Но именно его фото пока не найти.

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Все фото видны вроде без проблем  :blink:

Не хочется создавать лишнюю нагрузку на сервер..., но 830 Marksman достоин, чтоб его фото еще раз выложить  :rolleyes: .


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но 830 Marksman достоин, чтоб его фото еще раз выложить  .

хм. они карраку что ли переизобрели? О_о


пружина, похоже, слабая, если ее так просто, зажав с боков, отжать можно - на тех же навахах рычаги неслабые для открытия, и на автостилетах типа бельтрама тоже.


Все фото видны вроде без проблем

The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: http://4put.ru/pictures/max/800/2460310.jpg
Connection to failed.
The system returned: (111) Connection refused
The remote host or network may be down. Please try the request again. 
upd: теперь фото появились.
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Какой-то этот Марксмен...ээээ....квадратно-гнездовой вариант Вентеджа, с не менее стремным замком...

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Buck-и молодцы - развивают линейку 110-х. Интересно будет посмотреть на Lochsa от Buck.

Новый мультитул (ножницы/плоскогубцы) если сделают приличного качества, вполне достоин обосноваться в машине.

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Новинки от Opinel.

Анонсированы еще осенью, 

но реально появятся в 2014.


8 Outdoor Earth Red


8 Outdoor Earth Green (где они такую землю видели....це ж Zombie Green или Toxic Green)


8 Damascus Ebony


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Новинки от CRKT'2014


Models 6481/6491 Large Pazodas



Blade Length: 3.080” (78.2 mm)

Overall Length: 7.310” (187.6 mm)


Models 6451S/6461S Large Drifters



Blade Length: 3.200” (81.2 mm)

Overall Length: 7.380” (187.4 mm)


Model 2367 Lucas Burnley ‘Obake’



Blade Length: 3.640” (92.5 mm)

Overall Length: 7.630” (193.88 mm)

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Обака неплохо смотрится. Для мелкого шейника.
И название прикольное :)
А вот еще шейники:
CRKT Sweet K.I.S.S


CRKT® RMJ No Bother


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У четырех других нет слова Earth в названии. А серая вставка есть у всех.

ага, *серая*, а тут она коричневая, "земляная". :)
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